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Natur & Kultur is one of Sweden’s leading publishers, with a broad publication in both general literature and teaching materials.

Description of project:

The book publisher Natur & Kultur and Printpool have collaborated for many years. Since 2010 Printpool also works as the publisher’s production department. Today, Natur & Kultur orders all its book production and marketing material via Printpool’s ordering tool. The production is then carried out by the procured and quality-assured suppliers that Natur & Kultur via Printpool has chosen to work with. Printpool also takes care of the handling of Natur & Kultur’s e-books.

“En port till andra världen av Aldous Huxley” is an interesting example of a production where we tried some different techniques. The dust jacket is printed with standard four colors which are then covered with a black but heat-sensitive fifth color. The four-color motif thus only appears when the black color becomes warm, for example if you put your hand on the book. A white text has then been screen printed on top of the black color. We produced the book together with Anders Bergman (publisher at Natur & Kultur) and Håkan Liljemärker (designer). To ensure that the result was as intended, a representative from Printpool was present at the printing plant to check that the technical aspects of the printing worked.

Natur & Kultur publish quality books for children and young adults, non-fiction, fiction and illustrated fact books. The publisher also publishes reviewed and quality-assured teaching materials developed based on central content, syllabi and knowledge requirements as well as qualified literature for university studies and for professional and personal development in pedagogy, psychology, leadership and health care. The publication is rooted in applied research and meets people’s efforts to educate themselves and help others.

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“As a book publishing employee, I spend most of my time on the inside of the book, and I dare not think about how much additional time would be spent if I had to familiarize myself with all that Printpool can and does. Print quotes, quality assessments, delivery issues and of course lots of technical printing aspects are just a few examples of things I know very little about and will be able to retire happily unaware of because I can always trust that they do everything to fix it as well as ever possible. They are also very nice.”

Anders Bergman

Senior editor, Non-fiction, history

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