The family-owned company Åhléns was founded in 1899 in Insjön and is today one of Sweden’s strongest brands, with 55 department stores in Sweden and e-commerce via å

Projekt description:

Åhléns and Printpool have collaborated since 2013. Åhléns has a large customer club and the members have produced magazines with high-quality print, images and copy for inspiration and personal offers. Here we work with quality assurance on-site at the printing plant and manage the entire production chain from start to finish (which is in the customer’s mailbox). The mailings are of course personalized with various offers and samples of parfumes/creams.

Åhléns has about 55 department stores in Sweden. Åhléns marketing department and Visual Merchandising at SK together with Printpool produce store materials such as signs, banners, window vinyl, etc. for campaigns, events and for various supplier collaborations that are in the stores.

We work closely together and do print procurement of print suppliers, assembly and warehousing and picking/packing services. We focus on the material is as durable as possible and at the same time stand out in the store and be easy to handle for the store staff. The word sustainable can both be about reusing, for example, the SALE signs, but also about constantly finding more environmentally friendly materials and production methods at the best price and quality.

“As a customer of Printpool I get access to many different skills. The procurement, quality, production, delivery monitoring and professional imaging and printing original. It saves a lot of my time. It’s also fun to have someone to consult with about the relevant technical printing issues and environmentally friendly choices.”

Ingela Steen Wallner

Project leader Production – Visual Merchandising, Åhléns SK

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