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Studio for image and original art production

We have for many years helped our customers with technical guidance regarding all ready-to-print material to get the best result in production (also means best time and prices). In autumn 2017, we decided to expand our offer and started our own Ateljé.
We help many of our customers with image retouch and original art. Book publishers use us for prepress needs and image retouching and to implement corrections before re-prints. For marketing departments, we produce print-ready
original art for campaigns, POS-material and large format outdoor advertising.

Quality assured with contract proof.

In addition to image retouching, scanning and original art production, we produce contract proofs following current Fogra and ISO standards. We use the latest technology from GMG and Epson for this. If you need help with a project, small or large, please contact us at

In the autumn of 2017, we decided to expand this service and today we help our customers with:

Design, original handling, image retouches, repro and color samples.


A contract proof can predict how colors and images will appear in print in a way that is difficult to achieve on a computer screen. Thus, being a convenient and inexpensive yet secure way for a designer or photographer to adjust the final appearance before sending a design off to production.
The contract proofs can also be sent to the printing house as it is foolproof way to communicate a desired result from the designer to the printer. Common scenarios at Printpool are that we produce contract proofs for book covers, to approve on image retouch or when we handle an extra important advertising campaign
We help many customers who have an internal production department. For instance, with original art production on occasions with high workload, preparing images for printing, retouching or to produce contract proofs.
Printpool can help you with original art for printing, prepress and image retouching, but we do not develop design ideas from scratch. A common assignment for Printpool is to prepare original art for advertising campaigns where there exist design guidelines. Another common task is to make corrections to books for reprints and reissues.

Get to know two of our colleagues who work with the studio:

Kristian Ekeblom

Call or mail to:

Kristian Ekeblom has extensive experience in image retouch, original art production and in prepress. Kristian has worked with photographers, ad agencies, publishers and marketing departments both as self-employed and for several
years as an employee at Printpool.
Roger Johansson

Call or mail to:

Roger Johansson has extensive experience of original production for all kinds of graphic products, from books, packaging and POS materials to large format outdoors. Roger has also worked a lot with quality assurance and visits many of our suppliers on a regular basis.

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