Quality assurance – the best graphic skills

We help our customers to produce graphic material with a high and consistent quality. Whether it’s about book production, a unique board game, or large advertising campaigns, we are involved in every step.

We are happy to participate already at the planning and original art production stage as we have good knowledge of any technical limitations that must be considered depending on the choice of material, environmental requirements, how the products are made, or how the material is to be distributed. We also visit our suppliers regularly to ensure that production can take place in an optimal way, evaluate the environmental work or ensure the quality of an extra important production.


We give you security and we take responsibility

All graphic products that we help to produce are quality controlled by us. Usually by examining reference copies. For outdoor advertising, such as facade banners, we take the help of photos or make visits. We then provide feedback to both the customer and the supplier. If necessary, we help our customers handle returns.


Our extensive experience from different types of productions, materials and techniques comes in handy in the discussion about new products. We help our customers daily with tips and suggestions for solutions.

Many of our customers appreciate the security of being able to work on an idea together with us, especially if something new is to be produced where you may lack experience yourself or want to ensure that you have arrived at a smart solution. That discussion can save both time and money but also provide security about how the finished product will look and function.

Many of our customers appreciate avoiding technical issues – they save time and provide security in everyday life


Yes, one of our methods to assure quality standards includes actual visits to the production premises. To ensure consistent high quality we use several measures including workflow audits and specific quality requirements.

We charge for our services without any hidden surcharge on supplier´s invoices or, kick-backs, bonuses or other incentives. 

We are completely transperent and it is always our clients who choose a supplier – we act as an external purchasing department.

Yes. We work with suppliers close to the customer if needed and with global suppliers if our customers choose to. We look into lead times, environmental work, prices, quality, etc. Wholeness is important. Often is the best solution to collaborate both locally and globally (but not always).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our specialists:

Roger Johansson

Call or mail at firstname.lastname@printpool.se

Håkan Nylin

Call or mail at

Marcus Wahlström

Call or mail at firstname.lastname@printpool.se

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