The Production Manager – your best time-saver in everyday life

All our customers have their dedicated Printpool Production Manager (as well as backup personell). We are available for all questions – large and small. We all live a stressful everyday life and new ad-hoc projects appear, then we are here and can help out with the best price at the correct suppliers for each project.

With our graphic competence, we support all projects – for example, to deliver print-ready pdf files on time. The production manager is both the designer’s and the customer’s helping hand throughout the project.

Smart and simple ordering tool – Planning, calculation and ordering

Printpool also provide an ordering tool on the web. In this ordering tool, all customers can see previous orders and have an overview of all orders that are in production. Printpool holds customer training in connection with start-up collaboration.

Take control of overall costs

Through continuous control and pre-certification of all invoices, Printpool ensures that incorrect additional costs do not arise and that the supplier follows the agreed price level. All print orders and associated costs are registered in the ordering tool on the web. As a result, there are complete statistics for all ordered print productions.

Printpool also provides production planning and optimization, delivery monitoring and status, standardization and development of products, and, if necessary, support and advice
to customers.

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We work with developing, artwork – production monitoring – our customers ordering and decide = Best team!


Save time. We usually say that you should do what you are best at, and if we create teams with specialists in all projects, we will save time and get the best result. We are specialists in printing, print-suppliers, materials, sustainability and you are specialists in your company and the company’s needs.

It doesn´t have to take longer. All purchased standard products are ordered in the tool directly to the supplier. When we at Printpool are a middle-man, it´s often a special project. Maybe you need samples of material and prices and production time from several suppliers to choose the best supplier for just this project. Then one contact (Printpool) is more efficient.

No. If you want to work directly with the suppliers via our ordering tool, it is fine with us. But the advantage of our production managers is that you get access to an independent part with a lot of graphic expertise in many different areas. You can choose.

If you want to know more about how we can facilitate your everyday life or someone close to you, please contact us:

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Janine Christensen,

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Elsa Rydberg,
Production Manager Book

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Production Manager

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